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far too young to die

Shelbie, 19, MN/IA

the president of the look ratchet with Josh Ramsay club est 2012

**I am currently on a temporary college hiatus b/c it's really hard to do work/have a social life/sleep and keep up with this blog but I will be back soon ily**

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sometimes people send me concert stories and i cry because they are perfect

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dance, dance vs. the phoenix (insp.)

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All Time Low – Weightless

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That thing Patrick does with his hips…

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Marianas Trench - July 22nd 2014

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marianas trench - k days 2014

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Fall Out Boy performing at the APMAS

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alex gaskarth of all time low

alt press music awards 2014

cleveland, ohio

website // twitter // facebook // instagram // tumblr

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We’ve been together for 10 years, and it is that amazing juxtaposition of everything being quite intense and surreal and also quite nostalgic because we have so much history. I think we’re in a good place because we can really invest in our relationship with one another and we can not panic too much. People are investing in what we do. (x)

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