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far too young to die

Shelbie, 19, MN/IA

the president of the look ratchet with Josh Ramsay club est 2012

**I am currently on a temporary college hiatus b/c it's really hard to do work/have a social life/sleep and keep up with this blog but I will be back soon ily**

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I track the catsandpoppunkbands tag so gossip about me there.

you can look at my professional-ish graphic design blog here

sometimes people send me concert stories and i cry because they are perfect

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Walk a mile in theseimage

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Pierce The Veil - Stained Glass Eyes and Colourful Tears. [x]

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therapy, you were never a friend to me; you can keep all your misery

make me choose » alexgskth asked: therapy or remembering sunday

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8/8 - Toms River, NJ @ Pine Belt Arena #THEGOSPELTOUR

Photos by Hoeg

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All Time Low - Walls

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Marianas Trench

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Pete Wentz

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